Thursday, June 10, 2010

Children's Museum in Midland

Thursday we got up and headed to the Children's museum. It is HUGE compared to ours.... there are two stories, an outside "dino dig", a store, bank, Burger King, news station.. and on and on!! Plus they had a room just for the little ones that Kaylah LOVED!! Kyndahl was slightly overwhelmed but had a great time!!

After naps, we headed to Claydesta to see Claytie and Modesta. The girls played with toys and snacked on anything that Denise brought in. It was great to just get to sit and talk with them. The girls behaved and Kyndahl even gave hugs and kisses to both of them before we left!! And of course, I had my camera but forgot to take any pictures with Claytie and Modesta! Kyndahl couldn't wait to get downstairs to see the water and the animals!! She had a blast playing in the atrium!!

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