Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday we were up early for breakfast. Then we got dressed and got the stroller ready to walk to Barnes and Nobles. We got Big girl milk and looked at books. They had story time and we tried to stay for it but Kyndahl would have rather danced on the stage instead of listening to the book. So we headed back home to run errands before nap. After a quick lunch and a nap, we headed to Central Park!
Baby ducks, momma ducks and even geese were the lucky ones fed today! Kyndahl only chased one or two but spread the food around to everyone... she loved watching them. And if they didn't eat the food fast enough, the fish would come and get it and Kyndahl thought that was great! Kaylah just sat quietly and watched all the action.

After playing with the ducks, we headed to the park to slide and play. Kyndahl's little face was just bright red from the heat but she didn't want to leave! She tried to play with the little boy but he didn't speak english. She climbed and slid and ran and jumped and had a blast. Kaylah tried to keep up but still would rather just swing!

After a fun filled day in the sun, we headed to the store to get everything for dinner. Megan and Micah came to hangout before they leave next week for their trip.
Sunday after church and naps, the girls and I headed to the "car washing machine". Kyndahl is such a "big helper" when we are there. Now I have lovely "kiss" marks on the inside of the 3rd row windows from Kaylah! Afterwards we ran to Target, just in time for it to RAIN! Where did that come from???

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