Friday, March 23, 2012

Family time in Midland

 Grandpa Bill drove over from Ft. Stockton to see us! 
The kids were so excited to see him and I was as well!! 
We got dressed and headed in to get coffee and breakfast at McDonald's. The girls played on the indoor playground for about thirty minutes while we just sat and talked. It was really nice just to have some time with Grandpa Bill... we just talked! 
Then we headed to ClayDesta to see mom. The kids loved the water and the animals. I remember playing there when I was little... and we ran around everywhere. I was a little more strict than mom was on us about running and playing.

 But they had fun! The pictures in ClayDesta aren't great because I left my camera at Melinda's so I had to use the cell phone!!! Of well, they are still good memories!
Grandpa headed back out to Melinda's with us to rest. The kids went down for a nap and so did Grandpa. When he got back up, we talked some more and said our good-byes. He headed back to Ft. Stockton for a dr's appointment. I love that my kids get to know their 90 year old great grandpa! We love him so much!

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