Friday, March 23, 2012


 The kids and I set off an a Spring Break excursion! We left here early Saturday morning (planned to leave Friday night, but that didn't happen) and headed to West Texas. Since it was about 1/2 way, we stopped in Bangs, Texas and met up with some great family members. Jeff and Kathy Marugg used to live in Midland. Kathy taught at my high school and somewhere along the way, they became my surrogate parents (hence the names SD and SM). They saw me through thick and thin, up and downs. Some how green beans and cysts on my wrist became very interesting subjects when combined!! They taught me to love Lime and Chili chips and held me when I cried the night that Jip got killed. It seems like they were always there, yet I honestly don't remember how it all happened... but I digress. David and I stayed with them in Midland in 2006 or 2007 but not since, so they haven't met any of the kids. Well, now they have met all 3! We met at Subway for lunch and then got to go to their new house in Bangs (in the rain). Since it was pouring, the horses were hiding and the kitties were too, but the girls colored while SD, SM and I got to catch up some.
The stop was WELL WORTH IT!! I sure do miss them... glad we got to meet up!

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