Friday, March 23, 2012

Stopping on the way back to see Gma and Papa

 After our lunch with Becky, Nana and the kids, we headed to G-ma and Papa Chuck's. 
We got there Thursday evening in time for dinner, a quick Rojo ride, baths and bed. 
Friday the kids helps Papa look at a bull and then...

 they got to ride Gimpy!!! They loved it and did a great job, all by themselves!

 Posing on Gimpy- even after telling me "we aren't supposed to pose on horses mom!"

The kids even posed with the flowers for me!
The plan was for us to get up and come home on Saturday morning...BUT... 
I woke up at 3am SICK!!! 
Grandma, Papa Chuck and Brian were very helpful!!!
Papa ended up taking me to urgent care. Finally we headed home Sunday morning!! 
Nice end to spring break!!

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