Friday, October 12, 2012

Barbee reuion 2012

 This is what we do... swim, oh and throw in some 42 and you have yourself a great Barbee reunion weekend. 
Labor Day has been a time to reunite with my Honey's side of the family for as long as I can remember. It has always been at the same place... Oakdale Park in Glen Rose, Texas. Not a fancy place by any stretch of the imagination, but perfect for us just the same. Sure they tried to move it one year, but that didn't work out so well! Oakdale is the place we love and will probably always be! Aunt Rachel and Grandpa Bill are our link to generations past (Aunt Rachel is my Honey's sister).
So many happy and fun memories fill my head when I think back on all of the years spent in Glen Rose. The pool used to be NASTY and filled with algae, but that never stopped us. We used to swim through the hole in the bottom of the wall separating the deep part of the pool!! It now has bars over it- luckily! Now the city owns the park, so upgrades are coming. The pool has been totally redone and this year they even added a slide!! Kyndahl LOVED that part!

 Here's the youngest and oldest members of our family! Grandpa Bill at 91 and Brayden at 10 1/2 months. This is a picture I am sure I will always cherish!!

 Watching my kids play with their cousins in the pool reminds me so much of when I was their age!! We had a blast and NEVER wanted to get out of the pool... except for some ice cream or sno cones!

 Here's the whole family! We had a pretty good turn out this year! It's always so much fun to catch up with family we only see once a year!

 I just love this pic of Grandpa Bill... not sure why, but I do!
 An intense game of 42... but ya gotta watch Rudy, he cheats well!!!

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