Friday, October 12, 2012

Loves of my life

You can'

You can't find a little boy any cuter than this!! He is crazy cute, I mean pretty dang adorable... I'm not biased or anything :-)
I can't belive he is so big already. It seems like yesterday was the crazy c-section day that ended with this beautiful boy! Now he is eating everything, crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. He LOVES to play with his sisters, he especially thinks Kyndahl is HILARIOUS! Kaylah he just loves on when they pick her up from school. Brayden thinks he's really funny when he either laughs or claps throughout his nursing sessions at night :-) He also things its great to ONLY say my name when TICKED off... otherwise, it's just Daddy. 

Wow...We are in trouble with this one!! Again, I think she is beautiful with all the bias in the world. She is sassy and sweet all at the same time, but can be just as mean if you let her. She has a smart mouth to go with all of those brains in her head! She can read pretty well. She can write her full name (and with all those letters, that's a pretty big deal). She likes that our middle names are the same so she can spell mine too :-) She loves school and gymnastics. Her coach from this summer wants her to start on the pre-competitive  team in November, not sure I am ready for that!!! Then 

there is this angel! She is my heart... who can resist that face!! She LOVES to pose for the camera and shake her hiney bo!! She is my tender hearted baby girl, but she can be rotten :-)She has worked really hard on her letters all summer and knows most of them and can tell you some of the sounds. Writing isn't the best, but she's learning. Her tooth finally came all the way in, so her smile is even sweeter!! She's my lover, but will take down her sister if need be! She also LOVES gymnastics and constantly surprises her coach on how strong and capable she is. 

They are my loves!! My heart and joy... I am proud to be their mommy and so lucky that God chose me to be :-)


  1. They have filled up my heart with love and I can't remember what life was like before these beautiful grandbabies came along. I know it wasn't near as much fun. God couldn't have chosen a better mommy either!