Thursday, October 18, 2012

These pictures are PRICELESS... for some many reasons. One, it's always just fun to try and get all 3 kiddos looking the same direction, but two, this is a span of 90 years. Grandpa Bill is my dad's dad. He turned 91 in September. He still lives in Fort Stockton and has a very busy social schedule. Grandpa meets friends for breakfast each morning at IHOP before going to the office to open the mail and sort through everything. Every afternoon he meets some other friends for coffee at McDonald's. Besides all of that, he goes to church 3 times a week plus leads a bible study on Tuesday nights. Can you believe he is 91?? Doesn't look like it, not one bit!! And surely doesn't act like it. He was taking out the 42 flags to the cemetery that he had to replace, he watches over 200, but only 42 needed replacing at this time :-)
We are so blessed that our kids get to know him and love on him!!!

 And no trip to Fort Stockton can occur without pictures on Pisano Pete!!
 Even Natalie had to get some Pete time in!!

 As we left Fort Stockton, we drove on to Liberty Hill. We met the family to eat since everyone was meeting about the same time. It was a long drive, but well worth the trip!! But here again, we are blessed to have these grandparents in our lives!!
 I swear JJ and I were together for like 3 days... this is one of the only pics of us! I guess that is what happens when you have lots of little ones running around! There is another pic of us from the party on Michael's camera... still waiting on him to send it to me!!

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