Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wow what a difference...

It is crazy what a difference a year makes!! His arrival was anything but ordinary, and he is one of a kind himself!! He has come so far! His favorite words are mama, dada, nana, and hi. He really wants to walk so bad, but is really into crawling and is FAST! Brayden really loves to find anything that will roll or scoot that he can walk behind to get where he wants to go. When he goes to pick up Kaylah at school, he just loves all over her!! Hugs and kisses are his favorite affection tool :-) But Brayden thinks that Kyndahl is HILARIOUS!! She can do almost anything and he will laugh out loud. It's so cute to watch all of them together, who would have guessed that a year ago Kyndahl was crying because "she was wrong and daddy was right"?!?!?

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