Sunday, March 14, 2010

1960 parade in Houston

ADPi's reunite after a long time!! The Craigier's float...

Hanging out in the Craiger's parking lot watching the St. Paddy's Day parade on 1960. A great time was had by all with GREAT friends!

Taking a break to change "Kara's" diaper and dance with Allie

Alexandra had a great time playing until the very end... she just gave out!

Kaylah being her normal happy self... even with no nap!! She did great! Silly girl... posing with Aunt LeAnn and Uncle Craig.

First and LAST time to have her shirt off at a parade of any sort!! But she really loved the cupcake!

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  1. LOVE Kyndahl changing Kara's diaper! What a good "big sister" to my baby she is!