Thursday, March 4, 2010

The girls....

Kaylah has not been feeling great lately. She has a cough that is actually finally starting to sound better. The dr put for on a prescription for a "sinus" infection. Apparently babies don't really have sinus cavities yet but it's where her throat meets the tubes for her ears. There was a little fluid in her right ear but not bad. She sleeps great from 630pm until about midnight and then all bets are off! Last night she was up fussing from 3am-445am which means, so was I. Yes up and fussing! She is still really happy through out the day but since Saturday night, is up A LOT all night! Saturday night I think the three of us got about 2 hrs total! It is not fun but I am out of ideas! I hold her, she sleeps as long as I am in the rocking chair. But really that only lasts for an hour or so. She won't even go to sleep on my chest in the bed or next to me in the bed! Finally last night, I laid her in her bed and she cried from 4:15-4:45 and finally cried herself to sleep!! I FEEL HORRIBLE when she does that! But I had to get her to sleep somehow! Monday night I nursed her each time she got up but that still didn't help so last night I only nursed her at her normal 1am feeding time. Who knows... maybe tonight will be better??? Here's to sleep!!

Kyndahl is officially potty trained!!! YES! I AM DOING A HAPPY DANCE!! She did have a poo poo accident yesterday but it was while she was taking her nap. She was very distraught when she got up but she was reassured that it was ok since she was sleeping! She put on her big girl panties and promptly said, "we don't poop in these panties"! It took forever it seems but we are finally done! I know she will have accidents from time to time but now she really knows when to tell us she has to go potty!! She is also very literal about EVERYTHING and is a parrot of anything anyone says! Some of the latest Kyndahlism: 1)While at Kaylah's dr appt I had put Kyndahl's hair in pigtails and then braided each one. Lady next to us tells her, "I like your ponytails" to which Kyndahl says, "They are braids!!!". 2) Kyndahl is eating nuts. Holds one up to Grams and says. "What's this?" Grams replies, "A nut". Kyndahl states, "NO Grams, its a cashew!!!". 3)A little old but still so her!! After a potty accident, Grams, "Kyndahl did you go poop in your pants", Kyndahl replies, "No Grams, in my diaper!".. DUH!!!

Gotta love them both!!

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  1. I feel your pain on the not feeling well thing: stomach bug, followed by sinus issues, followed by shots have NOT done us well.

    Congrats on Kyndahl's potty training though! That's so awesome! So good to see you at Kara's party! Let's get together very soon Becca!