Saturday, March 6, 2010

Doing the DASH...

I ran my first 5K here in B/CS. The Armadillo Dash... I did pretty good for my first one! 30:30 and came in 30th in my division. That's a 9:47 average minute. I came in 183rd out of over 600 runners!!! Not too bad... but I did have a great time! Can't wait for my next one!

Heading to the race with David and my baby Kaylah

Posing before we started...

There's me, Judy, Teri behind us in the white hat, and Dawn in the white shirt. John, Teri's son, is right in front of me in the blue shirt. It was off to a slow start because of the huge crowd, we had to almost walk until we got onto Hwy 30.

Can you see me??? I'm in pink remember...

Just crossed the finish line, looking for David and Kaylah

My training buddy... Judy, our counselor at school

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