Monday, March 1, 2010

Where did the weekend go??

Friday night feels like ages ago yet the weekend went way too fast! Friday night we loaded up the girls and headed to J Cody's since I have been really wanting BBQ. We had a nice quite dinner even though K2 was a little fussy and ready for bed. Headed home so we could get the girls down before David had to head back out to work. Seems like I should have gone to bed early but that didn't happen.

Saturday the girls were up pretty early so we played around the house as usual while Daddy worked. When he got home after nap we headed to Goodwill!!! I now have new jeans and black pants that fit!!! Grams texted while there to tell us they were headed to our new Cracker Barrel to eat... not David's favorite but he agreed to try since it just opened!! They had lots of cute outfits for the girls for Easter! We got sat pretty quickly considering and had two tables pushed together. That means two waiters literally fought over us and ended up "sharing" us... which means one always thought the other was going to get what we needed. Our food came out and mine was great. David got a well done hamburger that actually came out almost "mooing". We sent it back and it never came out again! We finally got it in a to go box as we got up to leave to payout! Needless to say, he won't be revisiting there any time soon! Again, we headed home to get the girls to bed. Kaylah slept HORRIBLE!!! so did we!

Sunday girls were up early so we got dressed and headed to the early church service. Kyndahl decided to go to the nursery instead of big church. She made a tambourine and really enjoyed it. She came back to big church for the last few songs and danced! Kaylah was good as usual but really tired. So home to nap for all... well poor little bit still didn't sleep for longer than 45 mins! All up to get dressed for Elice's baby shower. Re, Ry and Reese got there as we were all getting dressed. We all piled in our suburban to drive to the shower.... 45 mins later we found it in the middle of nowhere and nowhere where we thought it was! It was good to see Elice and Cody! 3 more weeks til baby Kimber is here. Now to load back up and head back into town, without the scenic route! Cheryl was in town so she wanted to see the girls... Finally got K2 to bed about 630... she didn't really sleep.... so we didn't either! Up late and have a dr appt scheduled for this afternoon.... think its an ear infection to go along with the lovely cough she has! And it is Monday again!!

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